Putting a smile on our clients’ faces is what we are about. What’s more, the longer they keep smiling the better! YAF’s team is dedicated to creating value and serving clients through a positive long-term commitment.

At the center of europe

our Basis

Yaf Groupe s.p.r.l. is based in Brussels, Belgium. Our main principles include:

  • Establishing strong and long-term business relationships
  • Aiming for maximum transparency and clarity
  • Adding value for all parties
  • Growing together with our suppliers and clients

Our products are manufactured in China. They meet the highest quality standards and are at the forefront of innovation. Thanks to cutting edge production requirements, the factory delivers more than 200,000 LED items per month. All catalogued products are available through YAF’s Overijse distribution office. Every step of the chain from production to after sales service complies with global and local regulations. Hence, Yaf Groupe provides certified high-quality products reflecting best practices and quality of service.

Creating savings

our mission

We are focused on value creating for society and companies through savings. YAF’s solution originates in an attempt to better our everyday lighting consumption.  Broadly speaking, YAF commits itself to helping clients improve their environmental impact through savings on lighting consumption.

solution oriented


Yaf Groupe s.p.r.l. is a ´limited´ (ltd) company in accordance with Belgian law. The shareholders are companies and private persons, each with their own Chinese, Belgian or Dutch background and key position in the operations of the company. YAF’s management structure and business processes are transparent and efficient. We are a cost-efficient and solution-oriented company with a flexible mindset. With headquarters located in Belgium and branches in the Netherlands, YAF aims to provide high-value solutions along with impeccable service. YAF’s proactive approach is reflected in our strong R&D department, client-tailored product solutions, quality control and global delivery management systems.

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