We think LED

Our LEDs are designed to deliver high energy savings while also improving lighting conditions. They result in a significant reduction of both electricity and maintenance costs. In addition, they also greatly improve the safety of your lighting installation. We offer tubes, panels, high bay lights, flood lights and spot lights. All are fit to match heavy duty operations and come with a good warranty and a high lifespan. They are widely used in shopping malls, factories, heavy industrial settings, offices, homes, laboratories, gyms, commercial and government projects. Switching to LEDs may also enable you to benefit from government incentives such as tax deductions.

long lifespan

50,000 operating hours to 100,000 operating hours

energy efficency

Consume very low amounts of power

lumens efficacy

5 to 8 times more efficient depending on the desired brightness (lm/watt)

light rendering

More light per square meter

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