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More than 80% on energy



Save 70% on

all expenses

Long-term commitment

Enjoy 50,000 hours of product


our Energy Management contract

Energy Management Contract

No upfront investment

Enjoy a new LED lighting system with no upfront investment. With our Energy Management Contract (EMC), you can benefit immediately from an improved lighting system without having to invest anything from your own funds. All costs are covered entirely from your savings on electricity.

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Energy Management Contract

Insurance of continuity

We think a long-term project needs long-term insurance. Our innovative EMC solution includes working closely with third-party bank and insurance companies, thereby providing our clients with greater peace of mind regarding maintenance and product warranty.

Energy Management Contract

Product maintenance included

Maintenance issues and costs can be a real burden, especially when LED lights are installed on high ceilings or other difficult to reach places. By including product maintenance in our EMC, clients can benefit from the added service of our qualified technicians during the entire course of the contract.

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